Myndlift Policy

What is Myndlift
Myndlift is an innovative new software program that uses EEG neurofeedback to measure and record brain waves. The visual and auditory feedback trains the brain to regulate its activity, directly impacting the brain’s function by using real-time displays measured through EEG. 
The Myndlift application connects to a Muse headset and a handheld tablet to provide rich visual monitoring for the brain-training process. The program uses stunning visual and auditory feedback in a gamified experience that provides scores, achievements, and levels for use in brain training for improved cognitive performance. Myndlift offers holistic practitioners and coaches a neurofeedback system that is affordable, accessible, and safe by simply playing a game. 

Free Trial
Quantum University is very pleased to announce that Myndlift is offering a free 3-month trial period of their state-of-the-art neurofeedback technology to current students enrolled in our QHC or BHN certification programs. This is an opportunity for students who are studying neurofeedback to explore the basic-level Myndlift brain-training games at home with family and friends while continuing with their QHC or BHN program studies. 

Who Qualifies for This Offer?
Only students enrolled in the Quantum Health Coach or BHN programs are eligible for the free 3-month Myndlift trial. 
Quantum University will provide access information for students to activate the app to use the basic-level Myndlift programs during the trial period.  

What Equipment Is Required?
Myndlift requires a Muse headset, a compatible Android mobile device (phone or tablet), a Myndlift external electrode with conductive paste, and Myndlift App subscription. 

Please note: Depending on the enrolled QU program, participating students may need to purchase their own equipment. Quantum University does not sell this equipment. All needed equipment can be purchased directly from Myndlift Store

Myndlift will NOT work with Apple devices (iOS) including the iPad.  It is only available for Android devices with Android 5.0 or higher. Tablets recommended by Myndlift: 
 - Lenovo Tab Series 4, 10.1" Screen Android Tablet 
 - Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKAXAR 10.1-Inch 16GB Tablet

Can Students Use Myndlift Before They Are Certified?
The purpose of including Myndlift in the QHC or BHN programs is to give students a taste of basic neurofeedback technology and an opportunity to practice brain training on themselves, their family and friends. It is not intended to replace diagnosis and/or treatment; please see Quantum University Disclaimer. After completing their program, students can become certified with and obtain basic liability insurance through AADP or NTCB, respectively. Once certified, students can add brain training to their practice. 

When Does The Free Trial Begin? 
The free trial begins when the student receives an activation email containing a passcode.  To begin the activation process, the student fills out the Activation Request Form. In order to get the most out of the trial period, students are advised to have all the necessary equipment on-hand and ready before they begin the activation process.   

What Happens After The Free Trial? 
If the student wishes to continue utilizing the Myndlift software once the free 3-month trial concludes, they will need to contact Myndlift directly to start a paid full-access monthly subscription ($175/mo).

Myndlink Tutorials:  For more videos and tutorials, check out all the material available on the Myndlift knowledge base platform.

Another Resource watch YouTube Video: Cody Rall MD with Techforpsych
Myndlift with Muse Headband: Neurofeedback Will Never Be the Same

More Information
For more information about the Myndlift, please visit their website.  

For any questions regarding Myndlift, after watching the tutorial videos and researching FAQ, please contact Myndlift support directly

Additional Equipment such as Muses, Myndlift external electrodes, and tablets can be purchased directly from Myndlift Store.

For all questions regarding Myndlift Free-Trial Activation, QU Program or iPad, please contact