Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners - DNM

Credentialing Board Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners (BNMDP)
Acronym BNMDP
Board Certification Doctor of Natural Medicine
Letters DNM
Professional Title Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine
Specialty Natural Medicine
Your Signature Dr. Your Name, DNM, PhD
Scope of Practice Natural Medicine - Assessment
Natural Medicine Practitioners/Naturotherapy Practitioners traditional natural medicine practitioners trained with specialized focus in natural medicine modalities. In practice, Natural Medicine Practitioners perform non-invasive traditional functional assessment techniques to include the basis vital which are standard in most healthcare and wellness settings:
- Body temperature
- Tongue assessment
- Heart Rate or Pulse rate
- Respiratory rate
- Blood pressure
- Oxygen level
- Physical/Anthropometric assessment (height, weight, circumference of waist, wrist and hip), noting physical appearance, as well functional as modern techniques such as, tongue, eye, skin assessment, nutritional interpretation of standard lab findings.
Nutritional and dietary analysis, metabolic analysis, and non-invasive allergy testing.

NOTE: Natural Medicine Naturotherapy Practitioners are NOT allopathic Medical Doctors (MD) and must not engage in any allopathic medical practices unless licensed to do so.
Traditional Natural Medicine Practitioners are clinically trained in the use of the following wide natural techniques:
- Nutrition and Diet
- Herbal Preparations
- Homeopathic Preparations
- Physical/Manual Techniques
- Health Coaching
- Emergency Medicine
- Addictions/Coaching Management
Description Natural (Nature’s) Medicine’s basic premise is that ill health is fundamentally a functional imbalance or disequilibrium within the body. Disease is a plethora of symptoms produced by the body’s attempt to re-establish homeostasis. Traditional Natural (Nature’s) Medicine Practitioners are healthcare professionals who are educated and experienced in the use of safe, gentle, non-invasive, eclectic healing techniques geared at enhancing the body’s innate healing ability which is responsible for re-establishing and maintaining optimum health.
Traditional natural (nature’s) healing approaches can act to facilitate the body’s own natural healing processes. The traditional natural medicine practitioner does not undertake to “diagnose” or “treat diseases” and by traditional definition DOES NOT use surgery, drugs, or any invasive methodology as part of their services.
A traditional Natural (Nature’s) Medicine Practitioner is one who practices (teaches) a preventive healing system in which an eclectic mix of natural modalities and techniques are used, including but not limited to nutritional and dietary counseling, botanical/herbal remedies, natural environmental force, manual techniques, remedial exercises, counseling client on self-care, hydro-therapies in all forms, and the use of mineral and plant extracts.  The focus is to bring harmony to the body.
Benefits - Recognition throughout North America and accreditation in the United States and Canada
- Certified Natural Medicine Practitioners in North America are recognized as meeting the standards in Natural Medicine education, as established by the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM).
- Standardized certification with portability to WONM affiliate organizations worldwide
- Prestige of belonging to a vanguard organization that is composed of highly-trained, qualified professionals with strong ethical principles
- Opportunity to participate in Clinic for Humanity programs
- Professional Continuing Education workshops and seminars
- Regional congresses and world symposia worldwide.
- Internship and externship, in partnership with Clinics for Humanity programs
- North American Journal of Traditional and Integrative Medicine
- Eligibility for special group rate on malpractice insurance
- Eligibility for reimbursement of service fees by some insurance companies
- Most of all, membership offers a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to know that you are helping to propagate the effective delivery of Traditional Natural Medicine and traditional health care in North America and around the world.
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Contact Website:
Telephone: (416) 756 9355
Address: 3555 Don Mills Road, Suite 18-529,
              Toronto, Ontario M2H 3N3, Canada
Membership Fees $1200 (includes assessment fee)
Non-refundable Assessment Fee $200
Renewal Fee $600
Liability Insurance Yes
Access to Lab Exams Yes
Board Exam No
Criteria for Certification DNM - Level I
- Doctorate level of education (Member)
- 4000 hours of training and experience with at least two modalities in Natural Medicine
- This category includes natural medicine practitioners with a doctoral level of education.
- Certificate in humanitarian outreach (within one year of certification)

DNM - Level II
- Conventional medical training plus a minimum of 500 hours of training and experience in at least two areas of Natural Medicine as a complement to conventional treatment.
- Proof of educational status must be provided.
- Certificate in humanitarian outreach
Qualifying Degree PhD (Doctorate) in Natural Medicine (DNM) from Quantum University
How to Apply for DNM A) Read and Understand - Certification and Accreditation Board
DNM - Doctor in Natural Medicine certified by the BNMDP-NA - Website
BNMDP-NA - Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners - Website

B) Download, Print, and Complete Application Form
Download - BNMDP-NA - Application Form for DNM Certification

C) Print, Mail and Email these documents:
- BNMDP-NA - Application Form
- DNM - Certificate of Completion

Mail Package to:
BNMDP-NA - Certification Board
3555 Don Mills Road, Suite 18-529
Toronto, Ontario M2H 3N3, Canada