Board of Integrative Medicine - IMD

Credentialing Boards Board of Integrative Medicine (BOIM), World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM) (Dual certification)
Acronym BOIM
Board Certifications Doctor in Integrative Medicine (IMD), Doctor of Humanitarian Services (DHS)
Letters IMD, DHS
Professional Title Board Certified Integrative Medicine Doctor, Board Certified Doctor of Humanitarian Services
Specialty Integrative Medicine
Your Signature Dr. Your Name, IMD, DHS, PhD
Scope of Practice: Integrative medicine is the practice that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between our clients and practitioners, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence and makes use of the best therapeutic techniques and modalities, healthcare systems, and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.
Integrative Medicine combines multiple therapies with the goal of enhancing optimal health. Integrative medicine therapies include, but are not limited to such modalities as: Herbal Medicine, contemporary homeopathy, energy medicine, ethno-medicine (medicine of various cultures), Psycho-social-spiritual therapy, functional Medicine, lifestyle management, addictions management, manual techniques, orthomolecular/nutritional medicine, environmental medicine, and traditional non-toxic and non-patented allopathic preparations.
Assessment Techniques
In practice Integrative Medicine practitioners perform non-invasive assessment techniques such as pulse, tongue assessment, physical examinations as well as modern techniques such as non-invasive laboratory testing, nutritional and dietary assessments, metabolic analysis, and non-invasive allergy testing, ultrasounds, urine, saliva test, lives cell and dry blood cell analysis, hair mineral (lab interpretation) and many other non-invasive assessment techniques.
Therapies include:
- Orthomolecular / Nutritional Medicine
- Botanical Medicine and Pharmacognosy
- Homeopathic Combination Medicine
- Physical / Manual Medicine
- Lifestyle Counseling and Stress Management
- Emergency Medicine - Integrative Medicine Practitioners must be trained in wilderness medicine and/or basic emergency medicine and hold current CPR or emergency certification.
Certification Application for certification is a voluntary act entered into by practitioners who choose to incorporate integrative medicine principles into their practices. The certification enables practitioners to obtain a credential, which attests to their knowledge in the field and affords them the recognition of having met an identified peer-developed standard of achievement.
Benefits - Recognition throughout North America and accreditation in the United States and Canada
- Certification as an IMD (Integrative Medicine Doctor/Doctor of Integrative Medicine), IMP (Integrative Medicine Practitioner), and Integrative Health Coach (IHC) is recognized as meeting the standards in Traditional, Natural, and Integrative Medicine education as established by the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM).
- Upon certification, you are awarded a Doctor of Humanitarian Services DHS) from the World Organization of Natural Medicine at no additional cost.
- BOIM is the only organization where you receive this designation with your IMD certification. The DHS helps to position the doctor's professional image as a true humanitarian and set them above the ordinary.
- The prestige of belonging to a vanguard organization that is composed of highly-trained, qualified professionals with strong ethical principles
- Opportunity to participate in Clinics for Humanity (TM) programs
- Professional Continuing Education workshops and seminars
- Regional congresses and symposiums worldwide
- Doctoral (PhD) research and fellowship programs
- Protective umbrella for licensed healthcare professionals - for extending your practice
- North American Journal of Integrative Medicine - NAJIM©
- Eligibility for special group rate on malpractice insurance
- Eligibility for reimbursement of service fee by certain major insurance companies.
- Most of all, membership offers a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to know that you are helping to propagate the effective delivery of integrative medicine and traditional medicine health care in North America and around the world.
Designations Limitations:
Designations conferred to registrants upon registration (Trademarked) are exclusive to the organization and help to identify your area of healthcare focus to the public. Use of the designation without permission may result in Trademark infringement. They are not academic degrees and as such are invalid if not used as a suffix after an academic degree or professional healthcare license.
Contact Website:
Telephone: 1-855-557-0491
Eugene Barnswell - extension 013

Fax: (416) 477-23951
Address: 3555 Don Mills Road, Suite 18-529
              Toronto, Ontario M2H 3N3, Canada
Membership Fees $1,200
Non-refundable Assessment
Renewal Fee $500
Liability Insurance Yes
Access to Lab Exams Yes
Board Exam No
Additional Requirements In North America, requires a healthcare license.
Certification Criteria Doctoral Level Member - IMD
- Doctoral level of education in any health profession, such as dentist, chiropractor, allopathic medical doctor or doctorate (PhD)
- In addition to a doctorate level of education, you must have a minimum of 500 hours of training and experience in at least two integrative medicine modalities, such as nutritional medicine, functional medicine, manual medicine, or any other traditional natural medicine modalities.
Qualifying Degree PhD (Doctorate) in Integrative Medicine (IMD) from Quantum University
How to Apply for IMD A) Read and Understand - Certification and Accreditation Board
IMD - Doctor in Integrative Medicine certified by the BOIM - Website
BOIM - Board of Integrative Medicine - Website

B) Download, Print, and Complete Application Form
Download - BOIM - Application Form for IMD Certification

C) Print, Mail, and Email these documents:
- BOIM - Application Form
- IMD - Certificate of Completion

Mail Package to:
BOIM - Certification Board
3555 Don Mills Rd. Suite 18-529
Toronto, Ontario M2H 3N3, Canada