How to take Course Exams

  1. Click on the Exam link from your course site. click exam link
  2. If this is your first attempt on taking the exam, click on the button "Attempt Quiz Now". For existing active attempts you will be prompted to continue with the initial attempt created.
  3. Exam Questions and selections will be displayed on your screen. Read carefully and input your answer.
  4. There are two ways for you to submit your answers. First is with the submit button after every question item. Doing so will evaluate your answer only of this question. Second is with the Submit all and Finish button at the bottom of the exam page. This will allow you to input your answers to all the questions first, then evaluate the answers. Clicking this button will end the attempt.
  5. A review page will show you your grades and the answer to every question. After reviewing your exam, you can click on Finish Review.