How to Take Course Exams

Click on the Exam link from your selected course page.

If this is your first attempt on taking the exam, click on the button "Attempt quiz now".
attempt button
For existing active attempts you will be prompted to continue with the initial attempt created.

Answer the exam questions and click on “Submit all and finish” to have the exam graded.

submit exam

After taking an exam, you will be able to see your overall exam score.

Refer to the Course Syllabus for required passing grade percentage.

If you have not passed the exam, you will be able to retake the test after a 12 hour waiting period.  Please give yourself enough time to study and prepare before retaking the test again.

Once you have completed and passed all the exams, you will have access to the course's Certificate of Completion.

Click on “Get your certificate” button.
get your certificate

A PDF file of your Certificate of Completion will open and another copy will be sent to your email address. You can print/save your certificate by clicking on the print icon from your PDF reader.
print certificate