Disconnect from Apple ID

The first step is to completely disconnect the IQUIM ID from your iPad. In the grey Settings Icon, locate the iCloud icon toward the bottom of the screen. Tap once and verify that you are using the IQUIM Apple ID - you will see the name ‘Dr. Paul Drouin’ at the top, and beneath that the ‘ipad@iquim.org’ ID.

You will need to turn off the function Find My iPad, which is one of the questions prompted while disconnecting from the iCloud. It is mandatory to turn off the Find My IPhone function until your Apple ID is completely connected. Scroll to the bottom right side of your screen, where you will see “Sign out” in red. Tap once on “Sign out” will prompt a series of questions you will need to answer, depending on your settings. For example, the first prompt is an alert that all of the Photos, iCloud Drive documents, and data stored on iCloud will be removed from this iPad. This will NOT cause you to lose any of your Quantum University information based on the way your courses were loaded onto the iPad. There is no information on the iCloud that is required for continuing your studies on the iPad. Depending on which version of the Apple operating system, all your courses have been uploaded directly to the Videos or TV, Goodreader, or File Manager Pro apps, and to Music.

Therefore, if you receive an alert from your iPad that you will lose files, it is referring to the Apple ID login. The other option is to keep your Contacts, which is your discretion. You are now disconnected from a Shared Apple ID and are ready to create a personal Apple ID.