Create a New Apple ID

To create a new Apple ID, tap the Safari icon. In the search bar, type “” This will take you to the Apple ID Page where you can manage your Apple account. Scroll down to “Create your Apple ID,” where you will be directed through the process of creating your own Apple ID. Remember, this is your personal account you will be using for your iPad and other Apple products or your choice. You will use the ID and Password you created to update and download apps.

The first step to create your ID Username/Login, will require an email address. When you want to change anything pertaining to your Apple ID, such as to verify your identity or to change your password, you will use this email address.

Secondly, a password must be created, followed by ‘confirm password’ here I will use. The next step is to enter your Name. If you forget your Apple ID or password, the Security Questions make it possible for you to retrieve or change your password or to verify your Identity. The security questions and answers need to reflect personal information that only you will remember. The last few steps consist of entering the Country and deciding whether or not you’d like email announcements regarding Apple Music, iTunes, and Apple News Updates. Leaving the blue boxes checked will automatically send emails to your Username/ Login email. Uncheck them if you don’t want those notifications.

The Security Code must be entered, which is generated through random selection. You will need to access the email you used for your Apple ID to retrieve and activate the ID. Login using your ID email and verify it so you may activate the ID on the iPad. The final step of creating your apple Id, a six digit code will be sent to the email that doubles as your Apple ID, you will need to retrieve the code and plug it in to verify the ID. At this time you may restore your Find My iPad function.