iPad Apps for Students

This iPad can help you perform everything you need pertaining to your university studies, such as the ability to access course documents, videos, exams, and the Quantum University website. Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate and/or PhD programs receive a 128GB space grey iPad.  Both models have features such as excellent battery life, the capability to play 12 hours of continuous video when fully charged, and great resolution for viewing your videos. 

The TV icon located to the right of your Mail, contains all the courses you need to access for your degree program.  To navigate through the videos, simply scroll up and down. To select a video, tap the video once for a description of the clip; press the Play arrow once to view the video. Tap once on the clip to list your options.  At the top of the screen, you can view the length of the video, including the controls to Fast Forward or to Rewind the clip.  

The options will disappear after a few moments, but if you tap the screen again, they will reappear.  You can make them disappear by tapping the screen. At the bottom of the video, an option for Volume Control is available. The Rewind option will take you back to the beginning of the clip.  The Play/ Pause button located in the center, and the Fast Forward button will forward your clip to the end. There is an option here that will allow you to minimize the screen so you may navigate through your iPad without losing your placement in the video. To close the video, double tap on the Home screen and drag the screen up. 

Music is the next app, where you may locate the Creative Relaxation Visualizations (CRV) that Dr. Patrick Porter created to support many of the IQUIM courses.  These are known as Superlearning audio files that are used for meditation and relaxation purposes, and work really well with the BrainTap Technology glasses. The CRV files were developed to help you study, review, assimilate and retain the information from the various courses.  They are organized by different days, which include some of the course segments. Navigating through the files is simple: tap once to on the desired audio to select it. To play, press the Play button on the bottom. To Pause, press once again. The red circle with three white dots inside provides the option to remove (which should not be done), add to playlist, play the next song, or play later. 

File Manager Pro - Click on the File Manager Pro icon to view a list of the Programs you are currently enrolled in. Within each program you will find a list of all the courses for that program.  Scroll through the list to locate the course you want to access, then click on the Course Name to view the list of documents. Once you click on a Document, you can scroll through to view all the images and text documents. When reading the text or viewing the images, you may zoom in and out by double-clicking on the screen.