CTN Certified by ANCB

Step by Step - How to Apply for CTN - Certified Traditional Naturopath Certification

A) Read and Understand - Certification and Accreditation Board
CTN - Certified Traditional Naturopath certified by the AADP - Website
ANCB - American Naturopathic Certification Board - Website
About CTN Certification

B) Download, Print, and Complete Application Form
Download - ANCB - Application Form for CTN Certification

C) Print and Mail these documents:
- ANCB - Application Form
- AMP, DNM, or IMD Certificate of Completion

Mail Package to:
ANCB - Certification Board
101 East Broadway, Ste. 415
Missoula, MT 59802

Other Contact Information:
Website: www.ancb.net
Email: info@ancb.net
Telephone: 406-543-6154
Fax: 406-552-4811