IMD Certified by BOIM

Step by Step - How to Apply for IMD - Doctor in Integrative Medicine Certification

A) Read and Understand - Certification and Accreditation Board
IMD - Doctor in Integrative Medicine certified by the BOIM - Website
BOIM - Board of Integrative Medicine - Website
About IMD Certification

B) Download, Print, and Complete Application Form
Download - BOIM - Application Form for IMD Certification

C) Print and Mail these documents:
- BOIM - Application Form
- IMD - Certificate of Completion

Mail Package to:
BOIM - Certification Board
1330 Gerrard Street East Suite C
Toronto, Ontario M4L 1Z1

Other Contact Information:
Email: or
Telephone: 416-465-4335
Fax: 416-465-8861