How to Apply for Certification?

Quantum University provides its students with clear “step-by-step” instructions for each certification board. Upon enrollment in the University, you should visit your prospective certification boards’ websites or contact their offices by phone or email. It is important that you know and  understand  the certification boards’ requirements, missions, certifications, titles, credentials, membership and renewal fees, scopes of practice, benefits, and anything else that will affect your certification.

After graduation from a qualifying degree program at Quantum University, an official diploma will be mailed to you. You can download and print application forms for the various certification boards from our support page to complete and mail. Some boards now allow you to submit their application form online. Most certification boards will not accept unofficial downloaded, scanned, or photocopied diplomas or certificates. They will accept a notarized photocopy of your official diploma. The certification boards will review your application form along with your Quantum University official diploma and send you a certificate diploma by mail. Please note that you must apply and pay the membership fee to the certification board in order to become certified and use the credentials associated with the board’s proprietary title.

Graduating from a degree program and receiving a diploma from Quantum University does not certify you. Quantum University provides education. Certification boards provide the credentials and scope of practice. Therefore, upon graduation, it is crucial to apply to a certification board before you start to practice.