International Degree and Credential Recognition

As a degree-granting institution in the State of Hawaii, all degrees issued by Quantum University are valid worldwide. Your degree can be utilized to apply for and obtain professional board certifications.

American or Canadian certification boards such as BNMDP, BOIM, AAMA, and AADP are valid in all of North America. AAMA and AADP are based in Galveston, Texas, USA. BNMDP and BOIM are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and their parent organization, the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM), is an organization that certifies practitioners in more than 21 countries worldwide.

About 50% of Quantum University students are located outside the United States, including 20% located in Canada. Quantum University founder Dr. Paul Drouin was an M.D. in Canada for more than twenty years. As a result, he built Quantum University following the guidelines of the health industry that recognizes these board certifications in the United States and Canada. However, for international students, the scope of practice and the applicable regulations are different, depending on educational background, local, state, provincial, and federal laws, and board certifications.

In conclusion, Quantum University degrees can be utilized internationally.

You should consult with the appropriate certification boards to ensure that your credentials will be recognized so that you can achieve your professional goals. If you are a student residing or practicing in a country outside the United States and Canada, please contact WONM for more information on how to become an Ambassador for the World Organization of Natural Medicine.