Educational and Additional Requirements

Each certification board has requirements that an applicant must meet in order to become certified.

Some of these requirements are educational in nature, such as a certain level of higher education and/or the successful completion of a course or program in a specific subject. For example, a certification board could require an applicant to have a  PhD  degree and/or to have completed a course in Biofeedback to demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter.

Other additional requirements can include but are not be limited to:
- Completion of practicum hours and/or case studies
- Additional continuing education credits (CEUs)
- Participation in board-sponsored events
- Subscription to journals and publications
- Documentation of professional licensing
- Proof of active liability insurance
- Purchase of certain charts, documents, and/or books
- Completion of coaching, CPR, and/or other courses
- Payment for membership, certification, and/or renewal fees

Most certification boards do not have any additional requirements. However, some boards do specify additional requirements beyond the education requirements provided by Quantum University.

Quantum University is first and foremost an education provider. When students and graduates qualify for certification by the various boards, they have met the applicable educational requirements and, in certain cases, some additional requirements. However, any additional requirements are to be acquired by the applicant independently, and any costs associated with additional requirements are not included in the cost of tuition.

Please contact each of the certification boards you are interested in to better understand any additional requirements you need to complete in order to become certified.