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You chose your Degree Program and Tuition Plan. Your Admission Advisor will email you an Application for Enrollment, also known as a Registration Form.
To apply online for enrollment at Quantum University, please complete all required items on this form, click “Signature Here” to sign electronically with your cursor, and then, at the bottom, click the final “Submit Signature” button.
The International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine is not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education. Note: In the United States, many licensing authorities require accredited degrees as the basis for eligibility for licensing. In some cases, accredited colleges may not accept for transfer courses and degrees completed at unaccredited colleges, and some employers may require an accredited degree as a basis for eligibility for employment.
All prices, quotes, and applied discounts are subject to change. All payments are non-refundable; however, they are transferable to any other IQUIM courses or programs of the same value. Any cost associated with items, such as required textbooks, DVDs, additional educational materials such as Books, DVDs, CD, or charts, certification, licensing, and/or internships and mentorships, are not included in the cost of tuition. Upon completion of all programs, payment in full of tuition must be made to the University in order to confer upon the student an academic degree and diploma.
Please read the entire Application for Enrollment carefully in order to understand all enrollment policies,
Review the Registration Information and complete all required items including: Student Information, Education History, and Professional History on this form. Then click “Signature Here” to sign electronically with your cursor, and finally, click the “Submit Signature” button.
Or print, complete, and sign the Application and fax to 818-864-3388, or email to, or mail to: International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine, Admissions Department, 735 Bishop St. Suite 200, Honolulu, HI 96813.   
Upon completing the Registration Form online, you will be officially enrolled at Quantum University and will receive a receipt confirmation, along with a Welcome email within 24 hours, providing your username and password. In addition, a Faculty Mentor will contact you to set up your Welcome Call.
Congratulations and Welcome to Quantum University!