Graduation Ceremony at Quantum University

Congratulations! No university student experience would be complete without an official graduation ceremony. Graduation is a time to celebrate and share your great accomplishment with your family and friends, fellow students, and faculty members. Instead of offering a graduation ceremony only once per year in Hawaii, Quantum University holds online graduations three times a year in October, February, and June so that all of our graduating students can participate. This graduation format recognizes our graduates and highlight Dr. Paul's vision of changing the future of medicine one student at a time. The online ceremony is a professional video presentation recognizing all students who graduated in the previous academic cycle and includes special student highlights and keynote addresses from our leadership.

For graduating students who still want to experience the excitement of walking and receiving their diplomas in traditional cap and gown, Quantum University hold the next large-scale graduation ceremony during Wellness Medicine 2020 in Hawaii. All graduating students who participate in our online ceremonies are invited to walk in the 2020 traditional graduation event as well.
Watch our graduates accept their diplomas at Quantum University’s graduation ceremonies. You never know, one day that may be you onstage, stepping into your dream.
How can a student qualify to participate in a Graduation Ceremony?
Students need to have graduated from at least one degree program at Quantum University to be eligible to participate in a graduation ceremony.

Do I need to be paid in full to participate in a Graduation Ceremony?
Yes. A student needs to be in good standing with the Billing Department to participate in a Graduation Ceremony.

Is there a fee for the Graduation Ceremonies?
The online graduation ceremony is free.
The in-person traditional graduation ceremony in Hawaii has a participation fee. Any fees will be noted on the graduation participation form (when available) on QU's website and fees are due upon registration.

What are the deadlines to participate in a Graduation Ceremony?
To participate in any Graduation Ceremony, you must fill out the Program Completion Form on the Degree Program page of your Student Coursesite by the deadline noted.
To participate in the Traditional Graduation Ceremony in 2020, you must also register and pay by the deadline noted via the graduation participation form (when available) on QU's website.

If I did not come to Hawaii to graduate in the past, can I participate in an online graduation?
Yes. Please contact your Faculty Mentor, and we will be happy to include you in the next online Graduation Ceremony.