Dissertation Methodology for PhD Projects

What Will Be Your Contribution to the Future of Integrative Medicine?

Quantum University offers a unique methodology course the demystifies the dissertation process. This course is designed to help you understand how to write a thesis or a dissertation by dividing a complex process into manageable steps that can be done one by one. 

By the time students reach this part of their academic curriculum, they have experienced many 'Aha' moments, those special moments when you suddenly know why things you know to be true are true. When you realize that something is true but the world has missed this revelation, your ‘Aha’ moment can create the perfect thesis statement from which to write your thesis or your dissertation.
A dissertation or a thesis is an amazing opportunity to tell the world that you have discovered something new, something wonderful, something that is going to make a difference in this world. Your thesis or dissertation gives you a chance to present your new idea, research it, argue it, prove it, and/or present case studies that say, "Yes, my idea is right."
This course will guide you in your choice of a dissertation topic and help you determine the structure of your study, your objectives, who will participate in your study, what you will measure, and how to collect data. You will write a dissertation of a minimum of 100+ pages for a PhD, 45-75 pages for a doctorate, and a thesis of 20-25 pages for a master’s degree. You will understand what information you will need to gather, how to determine the support you will need, how to develop research protocols, and how to write your observations, conclusions, and abstract.
This outstanding program was created by our Senior Dissertation Mentor, Dr. Pat Knox, to walk you through the process and help you understand how to write a thesis or a dissertation that will be a true contribution to the future of integrative medicine.