What is Quantum SuperLearning?

What is Quantum SuperLearning?
At Quantum University, we practice what we preach. We know that when learning happens at the level of consciousness, the information is more easily retained and recalled as needed. We know that students who believe in themselves and their ability to learn are far more likely to succeed. We know that a whole-brain state and alpha/theta brainwave frequencies create the optimum learning environment. We know that students who achieve the above are far more likely to graduate with the knowledge and credentials they need to succeed.
The BrainTap is a mind-based medicine tool. The BrainTap uses specialty glasses equipped with pulsating lights that combine with rhythmic beats and creative visualization/relaxation (CVR) sessions to help you become motivated, think clearly, stay focused, and easily recall what you’ve learned.
BrainTap frames are used in clinics throughout the world for things such as weight loss, pain management, sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, post traumatic stress disorder, and many other protocols. They are a highly effective tool that combines light therapy (visual component) and neurolinguistic programming (auditory component delivered in alpha and theta frequencies) to strengthen or create new neural pathways.
Quantum University uses the BrainTap to provide course reviews, resulting in higher retention and memory formation. In addition, when students get the BrainTap, we also add a course to your coursesite in which you are taught how to do the 13 protocols so you can incorporate this modality not only for yourself, but with your clients as well.
In addition to receiving the iPad system for easy portable learning, students who enroll in one of the Quantum University degree programs may also receive a BrainTap SuperLearning System, depending on the Tuition Award package they choose.
Dr. Patrick Porter, creator of the BrainTap, is on our faculty and has collaborated with the school for many of our courses.  He has created many 20-30 minute course reviews with a protocol that actually synchronizes the two sides of the brain and enhances memory retention. So after you have gone through the course videos and documents and before taking the exam, you can sit back, put on your BrainTap, close your eyes, and begin your course review. The BrainTap is a great tool to help you succeed. No other university in the world offers this SuperLearning tool.