Quantum University's iPad Education

Quantum University is a leader in iPad Education. It was one of the first online universities to adopt the iPad when it was released in 2008.  At that time, Quantum University was already offering its video courses in an iPod format.
Depending on the tuition plan you choose and the degree program or track you enroll in, Quantum University will include a complimentary iPad preloaded with your program courses and ship to you. iPads cannot be purchased separately with an installment-only plan, nor can you mail us your personal iPad to format. Quantum University obtains only the latest iPads available from Apple. Each iPad is customized and formatted specifically for each student, depending on their specific individualized educational program. When you receive the iPad, it comes to you fully loaded with up to 250 hours of video courses, as well as the course documents for every course in your degree program. Having an iPad is not required to enroll at Quantum University, since all students have access to their coursesite online through any computer browser or mobile device.
All course videos and course documents are downloaded onto the iPad, so that all courses are fully available at any time, any place, and any pace. This allows students to travel or work at their convenience with full mobility, even without an internet connection. With the iPad, you only need to connect via Wifi to the internet to pass your course exams or access new updated course materials.
Obtaining an iPad with your degree program is a game changer. The iPad videos allow you to turn your commute hours, time spent waiting for appointments, or even your daily exercise routine into beneficial classroom time. You’ll be amazed to discover how much faster you can learn and complete your program when you have these extra study hours available to you. Full-color course documents look compelling and engaging on an iPad with the retina display. It’s an excellent option for visual learners.
Many graduates like to keep their iPad in their office for reference. It is also an educational tool you can use in a clinical setting to educate clients by showing them pictures to inform them about their health. And if you need a quick review before moving on, you have the videos right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.
Dr. Charlene Reeves, PhD, a graduate of the Doctorate in Natural Medicine program, said, “Quantum University’s iPad technology has been a key factor for me. The iPad allowed me to begin immediately and to study for an average of 2-1/2 to 3 hours a day during my long commute, enabling me to become comfortable with the terminology and giving me the confidence to start writing exams.”
To find out how you can benefit from the iPad video education and possibly earn your degree at Quantum University, simply call us at 877-888-8970 and ask to speak to an Admission Advisor.