Degree Programs

Degree Programs
Quantum University offers bachelors, masters, doctorate, and PhD degree programs in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine.
Choose a degree program that fits your personal life goals and career dreams.
Degree Programs: Degree Tracks:
Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health
Master in Natural Medicine
Doctorate in Alternative Medicine
PhD in Integrative Medicine
Bachelor to PhD in Natural Medicine
Master, Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine
Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine
Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine
These educational programs pull various alternative healing modalities together into a coherent and practical multidimensional model of Natural Medicine with the understanding of quantum physics.
You will learn how to achieve optimal states of health and how to support yourself and others in a natural and integrative way. You will effectively apply the combined knowledge of anatomy, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, biofeedback, biology, deontology, hematology, herbology, homeopathy, homotoxicology, hormonology, neurolinguistics, nutrition, psychology, Taoist medicine, and more.
Quantum University offers an innovative online student coursesite on any mobile or computer browser with a Degree Progress Report and education technologies such as video courses, textbook courses, practicum workshops, dissertation projects, video lectures and course documents on iPad, and automated exams, surveys, and certificates. In addition to faculty mentors, student orientation, support team, facebook community, our administration is dedicated to guide and assist all our students to reach graduation.
Students will read, study, and most importantly assimilate clinical information that can be put into practice for these various modalities. This in-depth education with its personalized curriculums will allow the students to better integrate the foundation of modern medicine into an increasingly multidimensional model of holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine.
Quantum University's educational programs are tailored to the practical and clinical needs of our students. Individual degree programs can also be combined into tracks classified as “Fast Track” or “Professional Track.” These program tracks expedite the completion of your degree programs.
How Does It Work? Earn a Degree in order to become certified. For example:
Earn a Degree: Become Board Certified as a:
Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)
Doctorate in Alternative Medicine Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP)
Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)
Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine Doctor of Integrative Medicine (IMD)
Education + Credentials = Success
All degree programs at Quantum University lead to one or many certification options. This is indeed a true advantage. It is also key to becoming a health practitioner with the knowledge, skills, and credentials needed to operate or manage a successful practice.
If you are seeking credibility, expertise, and credentials in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine, contact our Admission Advisors today.