Quantum University’s Mission

Quantum University’s Mission
Our mission at Quantum University is to provide health science certificates and degrees in integrative medicine to distance education students pursuing credentials as healthcare professionals in order to become leaders in holistic health management.
To train healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, technicians, assistants, and many others to understand and implement integrative medicine into the medical establishment and system.
To deliver high-quality online video education, create a comprehensive and practical student educational experience with outstanding faculty members, and provide academic support through qualified mentors.
To provide academic excellence, exceptional support, and educational services through degree-granting, certification, accreditation, and affiliations with natural medicine practitioners and boards all over the world.
To fulfill our role as a degree-granting institution to provide bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and PhD degree programs that lead to professional higher credentials to start a career as a certified health practitioner.
To promote the study, research, and practical application of alternative healing modalities and fields of ancient and modern medical studies with the scientific language of quantum physics.
To graduate students with the highest level of proficiency, professionalism, and ethics so they can serve their communities as inspiring, outstanding, and compassionate healthcare practitioners, pioneers, and leaders.
We achieve this mission by gathering our participants, students, graduates, alumni, volunteers, teachers, administrators, and staff into a healthy, vibrant, and loving Quantum Family to manifest this vision.