Benefits of Studying at Quantum University

Acquire leading-edge knowledge and practical skills that are in high demand in today’s healthcare industry, which you can directly apply to achieving your professional career goals.

Earning a PhD degree allows you to use the title “Dr.” and gives speakers, authors, and experts the opportunity and credibility to write and lecture professionally and gain the respect of their peers.

Adding a credential in Integrative Medicine and the title of PhD is highly beneficial and practical to healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses looking for more recognition and prestige

Qualify for healthcare credentials that enhance your professional career and lead to social and professional recognition in the academic world, your field of practice, and the health industry.

Becoming board certified in your professional field confirms you as an authority in the domain of integrative medicine and increases your potential for advancement in your career.

Depending on educational background and the board certification, a scope of practice can allow certified practitioners to open a new wellness center or expand an existing clinic.

Become affiliated with professional organizations to take advantage of numerous membership benefits, including being listed in their nationally-published membership directory.

Become eligible for group rates on malpractice and liability insurance and reimbursement of service fees by insurance companies, depending on the country and certification board.

Choose a degree program that will qualify you to become certified by many respected and prestigious professional associations, organizations, and certification boards.

Learn from renowned faculty members and study an integrative medical curriculum through online videos, documents, exams, and other innovative learning technologies.

Gain the prestige of qualifying for membership in vanguard organizations and boards that are composed of highly-trained professionals with high ethical principles.

Gain knowledge and practical skills to evaluate bio-vital-mental-spiritual health parameters to get a vision of the individual not only in terms of disease, but also in terms of their full potentiality.

Reach your educational and clinical career goals much faster than you ever imagined with our SuperLearning technology, online education platform, and fast-track degree programs.

Our tuition is a fraction of the price of other institutions. Benefit from our affordable payment plans tailored to fit any budget, and earn Tuition Awards to further reduce your tuition.

Attend your online classes at any time, in any place, and at any pace that fits your busy lifestyle through an online student coursesite with video courses and portable iPad Education.

Gain professional credentials and recognition throughout North America, with access to international accreditation in many other countries throughout the world.